Machine made products are mass produced, and in the modern days, mass production is the new normal considering the increased demand in the market.

Machine made products are identical to each other, therefore, looks and feel ordinary while handmade products are well made and have the unique style of the craftsman which is highly valued by some. Handmade items that are poorly crafted on the other hand, have very little or no value unless it is an antique value perhaps. Quality control can be done easily when a machine produces a product.

When something is hand-made by an artisan, it takes longer to produce than a machine and there’s a limited number of items that can be made in a time frame. Most skilled artisans have been practicing their craft for several years through trial and error or through apprenticing which in turn further limits how many people are skilled enough for the trade. This makes the item more limited as a result and becomes a status symbol. Within this context, the item showcases the wealth and status of the one who purchased the item.

Who the artisan produced pieces for also determines the desirability of the piece and can increase its value significantly. The uniqueness of each piece coming out of the hands of an artisan are things that cannot be replicated by any machine. A machine would not be able to add the touches that a craftsman can, which add to the charm and character of the product.

Things to consider when choosing between handmade & machine made products

  • Timeframe: How soon do you need your order filled?
  • Budget: Can you afford a larger upfront investment, or is your budget small and fixed?
  • Design: How complex is your design? Are you willing to compromise on the concept or details?
  • Material: What materials do you want to use?
  • Other requirements: Communicate and prioritize all your needs to find the best award vendor and process for you.

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