Meet The Artist – Sarah Bing

Sarah Bing is an amazing ceramic artist who lives in Raglan and we welcome you to get to know her who creates your favourite ceramic products here at Artoon.

What got you into making ceramic products/ your journey?

I make all my work in the bright yellow box which is our home. The Custard Square serves as a beacon on grey miserable west coast winter days and reflects the sun, providing a shaded sanctuary through the summer. My work celebrates colour and organic form and is made with a sense of playful experimentation.

What is your favourite part of making ceramic products?

Ceramic sculpture takes time; you have to work on enlarging the piece as it dries, when it can stand it. Making tiles in between rises on a large piece seems to be a perfect way to be present in the studio, working on something that can easily be abandoned at exactly the right moment.

Where do you find inspiration?

I am collaborative by nature, always looking to connect with others and constantly seeking new inspiration. Clay has an immediacy that I love and find very inspiring, allowing me to act impulsively on new ideas and tease them out in a very organic way. My work matures through the actual making
process, instinctually.

What motivates you to create?

My ever expanding skills are allowing me to take on larger and larger works, a direction I look forward to pursuing as far as I can, particularly into the public arena.

Check out our fabulous collection of handmade ceramic mugs made by Sarah here at Artoon.