Hi, I'm Ais, a traditional village girl from India. I moved to Hamilton in NZ in 2014 after finding my soulmate, Sanjay. I feel very fortunate to live in one of the gorgeous countries on earth with a unique culture. Whenever I go shopping or travel, I always hunt for arty things and designs, and I get very excited and thrilled about handcrafted stuff. What started as a search for a unique ceramic mug has turned into creating my own store Artoon. It arose as a concept store to generate quality designs where textures and most organic materials take centre stage.
Our products & designs are inspired by cultures and art forms from around the world. Everything you see at Artoon is the result of countless hours spent at the wheel with the intention to add a little happiness to your life.
We provide a place to connect you with amazing New Zealand artists, ceramists, jewellers and designers.

At Artoon, we believe in making your everyday rituals more beautiful because each product is individually crafted from start to finish with you in mind and each piece has its own story.

Come and celebrate art in the little things with us.

Happy Shopping,
Ais (Founder)